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If you’re looking for a sign to step into your unique place in God’s mission of renewal, then this is it. When considering your hand–carved space in cross-cultural work, we think it’s important to immerse yourself in the beauty of God’s many created cultures.

Wholistic and effective mission takes preparation and education, and is always done best with community and discipleship. That’s where we come in.

Meet Ann and Annie

Meet Ann and Annie (coincidence!) – your personal exposure journey leaders. These leaders are here to walk with you as you explore and identify what your strengths, gifts, and learning points are. Get to know them a little more in their mini bios below!

I’m Ann! I serve as Arotahi Pastoral Support Coordinator. My ministry ensures that our Global Workers have a healthy network of care so they can flourish in their life and work.

My name is Annie and my role at Arotahi is as Global Catalyst (I get to take people on short term trips and get a front row seat to God changing lives!)

Our Global Catalyst, Annie, says:

“Our Arotahi team trips are catered towards different needs, group size, and location. However the key ingredients often remain the same: 2-3 weeks in length, a global community where there is existing connection/relationship, and lots of time getting to know the complexities and beauty of the neighbourhood.”

Skilled Placements

Want to be a part of global community transformation using your God-given skills?

God has a hand–carved mission for you, and our skilled placements give you the opportunity to explore mutual renewal in a global, cross-cultural setting.

Take a look at some of the roles that can be filled now:

For a three-month period at a freedom business in South Asia
Specialist Roles:
  • Experienced Senior HR consultant
  • Experienced Senior global financial officer
  • Experienced Manufacturer
  • Experienced Head of Production
  • Mature pray-er (to pray alongside people muslim and hindu staff)
Development Sector Specialists for professional input to local staff
  • Teacher
  • Health Professional
  • Social Worker
  • Vocational Trainer
  • Policy Writer
  • Team to lead and run a kids camp
For a three or six month period at a local outreach medical facility in South Asia:
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Obstetrician
  • Gynaecologist
  • Midwife

Do your skills match one of these roles? Be a part of seeing freedom and community transformation!

Leave your details below to start the journey now.

Blue B

It’s time to start

It’s time to start thinking about your hand – carved mission in the world. And we’re here to walk it out with you!

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Blue B:

“You’ll be changed and challenged in ways you didn’t expect. Really good ways. The places I have visited have shown me the many different sides and characteristics of Jesus that I didn’t see before. I return home with a new kind of love and energy for Jesus, that gets me fired up for mission at home!”

Hannah C:

“Exposure trips are both beautiful and challenging; they are a privilege. The opportunity to live in a different culture, experience totally different ways of life and learn from the people in those places, to commune with Jesus there. It changes you; and our ability to walk in this world as Jesus would is reliant on our willingness to be changed. Go for it!”

Hannah C

Feeling interested but need to know more?

We’re here to answer your questions, and step into the hand – carved mission God has for your life, with you.

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Are you interested in Arotahi teams trips or Skilled placements?

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