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Making a hostel, a home

Our hostels provide a safe and nur­tur­ing envi­ron­ment for chil­dren to study, sleep, play, and eat together. Our hostels are located close to main schools, so chil­dren who come from rural vil­lages and are often mar­gin­alised are able to receive the edu­ca­tion they deserve. 

Our student homes

Our four South Asian hostels are ably run and managed by our long-term local part­ners – together, we opened our first student hostel 38 years ago!

These four student homes provide a safe envi­ron­ment, com­fort­able dorm-style rooms, nutri­tious meals, grounds for play and sport, and tuition assis­tance. Our stu­dents are able to thrive, with many going on to become doctors, teach­ers or leaders in their community.

Making a hostel, a home.

Become a student hostel sponsor, and join our bi-annual Zoom catch-ups where we chat with the home parents and hear all about hostel life!

When you make a hostel a home, you are meeting crucial needs such as health­care check-ups for the kids, edu­ca­tion costs, sta­tionery, staff wages, food, and hostel main­te­nance costs.

Meet our home parents

Invest in a child’s future today! Make a hostel, a home.