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When talking about Whaka­papa, we are dis­cussing lines of geneal­ogy and ances­try in light of lead­er­ship, kinship and those who have carved the paths we walk on now. Whaka­papa maps and binds all con­nec­tions – both spir­i­tual and phys­i­cal. Our Whaka­papa must begin with God, thus our whaka­papa is wide and long. The above explo­ration into our history and whaka­papa only gives a slight sense of the many threads that have woven us to our place now.

For further self-exploration: 

Toward the Sunrise

novel (The Cen­te­nary History of the New Zealand Baptist Mis­sion­ary Society 1885–1985. Email jasmine@arotahi.org.nz for a copy.

female figures in Arotahi

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A history of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society 1885–1947

Simpson E.P.Y.

Baptist Māori Speak:

Ko Ngā Kōrero O Ngāi Māori Iriiri.
Rāwiri Auty, Ngāti Kahun­gunu Ki Te Wairoa. Email jasmine@arotahi.org.nz for access.