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When talking about Whakapapa, we are discussing lines of genealogy and ancestry in light of leadership, kinship and those who have carved the paths we walk on now. Whakapapa maps and binds all connections – both spiritual and physical. Our Whakapapa must begin with God, thus our whakapapa is wide and long. The above exploration into our history and whakapapa only gives a slight sense of the many threads that have woven us to our place now.

For further self-exploration:

Toward the Sunrise

novel (The Centenary History of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society 1885-1985. Email kelly@arotahi.org.nz for a copy.

female figures in Arotahi

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A history of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society 1885-1947

Simpson E.P.Y.

Baptist Māori Speak:

Ko Ngā Kōrero O Ngāi Māori Iriiri.
Rāwiri Auty, Ngāti Kahungunu Ki Te Wairoa. Email kelly@arotahi.org.nz for access.