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Discerning your people & place

"Discernment is about finding and following the will of God with wisdom and commitment."

Let Arotahi walk with you on a journey of discernment, as you explore the people and place God might be calling your faith community to partner with. Explore our discernment resources and step into your hand-carved mission today.

Watch the first two episodes of our discernment series. These videos are simply a resource alongside our comprehensive discernment booklet. If you’re interested in starting your discernment journey, reach out to aj@arotahi.org.nz for a first discussion and access to all of our resources.

Want to take the next step, now?

Take a look at which Skilled Placements are available, or head to the Arotahi Dropbox for our ready-to-connect church engagement options.

“Identify the unique DNA and charism that your faith community partners with. Understand how you can give (aroha atu) and receive (aroha mai), mutually transforming one another. Love how God uses genuine and committed relationships.”