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Who is Arotahi?

Arotahi carries the meaning of a focus in one direction, looking towards one horizon simultaneously, concentrating on one thing together. Although there are many different works and areas we are involved in, we have one common focus that unites us.

Arotahi is the way we do things.

We believe that every person and every place has been uniquely carved out by the hands of God; crafted and moulded to be a part of God’s larger plan. Arotahi sees the details, focussing on the particularities of people and places for a missional journey that is wholistic and sustainable.

With a united focus on and in Christ, we will walk with you in your hand–carved mission.

Arotahi is the heart of what we do. Read more about the hands and feet of our mission, on Arotahi Mission.

The strapline recognises the distinctive moment in which we find ourselves.

Foregrounding the how of what we do, rather than the what; the character of our work, rather than its outcomes.

Hand-carved is patient and attentive; lovingly crafted and not slapdash; in sync with and sympathetic to the material of its craft and to its intended form.

Hand-carved looks to creation, every ridge and wrinkle, detailing the rich and specific agency of the carver.

Paired with hand–carved, mission gains boundless possibilities. Although the connotations of this word are critiqued and contested, we stand by the original call of the Spirit into the transformative, sustainable mahi of global renewal.