A thank you letter for Freeset wage subsidy supporters.

When you support Freeset/Joyya, you invest into long-lasting community transformation. You invest into the lives of today and the lives of tomorrow. Thank you.  Through your generous support, and the support of others like you, we were able to continue the employment of 82 Freeset staff in 2020.

We want to say thank you.

Through your generous support, and the support of others like you, we were able to continue the employment of 82 Freeset staff in 2020.

What a year it has been! In June 2019, the Mission Council of NZBMS committed to subsidising 82 Freeset employee salaries for the next 5 years. This enabled a business already caught in some financial challenges to securely continue the employment of these 82 staff – then the full impact of the pandemic, lockdowns, and all the associated fear further jeopardised the stability of the business. The workers, and their families, were vulnerable. NZBMS’ commitment to these subsidies was now more important than ever.

That’s why this subsidy is more than just an income.

These 82 employees have been provided a feeling of hope, an increase in wellbeing, further career training, as well as a place and community of belonging and purpose.

Thank you for being part of this! Your commitment to the future of Freeset/Joyya, the continued employment of the staff, and the care of their families is invaluable.

What we have known as Freeset will take on a new identity in February, as Joyya. This name reflects the heart of the original vision – providing a joyous presence and reflecting the light of Jesus in the wider community. If you would like to continue following the journey of this entrepreneurial business into this new chapter, please email me at aj@nzbms.org.nz [aj@arotahi.org.nz] so we can add you to their ongoing updates.

2021 will bring us into the second year of our five-year commitment to the employment subsidy. In 2020 we subsidised 82 staff at a cost of NZ $2500 each. This year, the subsidy amount drops to NZ $1650 per worker.

Can you join with us again in 2021 and for the next three years, as we continue the support of these employees and their families?

Give to the work of community transformation in the world.

Update in Nov 2022:

As we look forward to 2023, our commitment to these 82 staff of Joyya remains steady and significant. We want to continue to ask for your support, prayerful and financial, as we meet our commitment. Email kelly@arotahi.org.nz for details to donate and invest in the future of this community. You might like to make a one-off donation, or commit to supporting a particular staff member for the next 2 years of the subsidy – thank you. 🖤

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