Jay Mātenga: “Mutuality of Belonging” (a kaupapa Māori exploration)

Jay’s doctoral thesis: “Mutuality Of Belonging: Toward Harmonizing Culturally Diverse Missions Groups”
The research expli­cates rela­tion­ship attrib­utes drawn from life-story nar­ra­tive inter­views with Māori Chris­tians as a Col­lec­tivist per­spec­tive. Indi­vid­u­al­ist rela­tion­ship assump­tions evident in the mis­sions com­mu­nity are iden­ti­fied from an analy­sis of post-1990 mis­sions lit­er­a­ture that specif­i­cally ref­er­ences cul­tur­ally diverse rela­tion­ships in the mis­sions com­mu­nity. These attrib­utes and assump­tions are then coun­ter­pointed to show how each can enhance the other in mis­sions groups.
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