Mission Shift: “Rise of the Majority World Church”

Today we hear from Lazarus Phiri (Zambia), Carlos Abarca (Costa Rica), Adrian de Visser (Sri Lanka), Jake Abraham (US/India), Derek Seipp (US), and Oscar Muriu (Kenya). In our conversations with them, we explore what it means that the Majority World church is now a significant player in global missions, and how beneficial this shift is to the fulfillment of God’s global mission.

Mul­ti­ple guests have men­tioned that the largest churches in Europe were planted by Africans. One of these that we touch on briefly is in Ukraine. The current war was not a reality yet when we recorded this episode, so is not dis­cussed. However, the dev­as­ta­tion in Ukraine is real and the courage of the Ukrain­ian people is admirable. If you would like to help meet prac­ti­cal needs for Ukrain­ian refugees, please visit https://unto.com/survival/

Many thanks to Inter­varisty for per­mis­sion to use the clip of Pastor Oscar Muriu; you can find his full talk at Urbana 2006 at https://vimeo.com/69504380; it is well worth your 30 minutes.

Bios and links for our hosts and guests can be found at Cru.org/MissionShift.

Our journey explor­ing the chang­ing face of global mis­sions will span eight episodes, and then we will begin releas­ing longer ver­sions of our inter­views with the guests we hear from through­out the eight episodes.

Mission Shift is hosted by Carita Chen and Josh Irby.

Mission Shift is a pro­duc­tion of Cru’s City Global team. We would love to journey with you as you explore and engage in the chang­ing face of global mis­sions. Reach us at MissionShift@Cru.org.

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