Mission Shift: “Rise of the Majority World Church”

Today we hear from Lazarus Phiri (Zambia), Carlos Abarca (Costa Rica), Adrian de Visser (Sri Lanka), Jake Abraham (US/India), Derek Seipp (US), and Oscar Muriu (Kenya). In our conversations with them, we explore what it means that the Majority World church is now a significant player in global missions, and how beneficial this shift is to the fulfillment of God’s global mission.

Multiple guests have mentioned that the largest churches in Europe were planted by Africans. One of these that we touch on briefly is in Ukraine. The current war was not a reality yet when we recorded this episode, so is not discussed. However, the devastation in Ukraine is real and the courage of the Ukrainian people is admirable. If you would like to help meet practical needs for Ukrainian refugees, please visit https://unto.com/survival/

Many thanks to Intervaristy for permission to use the clip of Pastor Oscar Muriu; you can find his full talk at Urbana 2006 at https://vimeo.com/69504380; it is well worth your 30 minutes.

Bios and links for our hosts and guests can be found at Cru.org/MissionShift.

Our journey exploring the changing face of global missions will span eight episodes, and then we will begin releasing longer versions of our interviews with the guests we hear from throughout the eight episodes.

Mission Shift is hosted by Carita Chen and Josh Irby.

Mission Shift is a production of Cru’s City Global team. We would love to journey with you as you explore and engage in the changing face of global missions. Reach us at MissionShift@Cru.org.

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