Arotahi: an evening with a mission (Hui 2022)

Arotahi hosted an evening with a mission at Baptist Hui 2022. Hear our team's highlights and from some of our leaders on how they thought the evening went!

It was an evening with a mission, and it sure delivered an inspiring missional proposition… God wants you to step wholeheartedly into your, and your faith community’s, hand—carved mission.

Some highlights (there are too many to choose!) from our Arotahi launch evening:

  • The incredible ephemeral art of Pete and Joyce’s! What a beautiful way for us to engage with the kaupapa of Arotahi in a unique and creative way. This spoke to the hearts of many in a way that words couldn’t.
  • Learning a bit more about our history as an organisation, and how God has used each chapter for God’s work – and we get to be part of the new one, Arotahi: hand—carved mission.
  • Luke Kaa-Morgan’s waiata specifically created for the launch of Arotahi! What an inspired expression of the joy and goodness that God is speaking into this new chapter. We can’t wait to share this more widely soon! What an honour it will be to sing these lyrics and sounds of our own whenua in our local faith communities.
  • The cake! Come on. That had to be a highlight. Plus the whipped cream of course.
  • The panel discussion! The authority and compassion with which A (South Asia) spoke, was a challenge to us all. Thank you also to C (South Asia) and Grace for sharing your prayers and hopes for the future! We are blessed by working alongside you.
  • When we all sung ‘Tuhia’ together and the auditorium nearly burst from the strength of our collective voice. Quite insane to witness.
  • AJ and Kelly banter. It’s good to be friends with your workmates!
  • Looking forward to where God is leading us next as a movement of Aotearoa Baptists! I’m talking Mahi-Pai and Renew Together 2023.
  • When a leader from each faith community took a gold-leafed house that represents the precious nature of each church (these houses hung from the ceiling at our last Hui in 2019). Pretty moving to see people taking these home to their own communities as a reminder of how God desires to partner uniquely with each one.
  • Meeting Annie, our new global catalyst! We’re stoked to be welcoming someone with such heart and skill to our team.


For those of you who weren’t there, here are some comments from leaders that came and spent time with us on Friday evening:

“Superb. The way that the Spirit moved was evident throughout the evening – inspiring, encouraging, and nudging us all to step deeper into the Missio Dei.”
“Inspiring and challenging all at the same time!”
“Sensational evening! I appreciated the passion that the team displayed, and I look forward to what is going to happen around the place. You guys rock”
“The team of you did such a great job, and it feels like the shift is going to be something the younger generation will engage with which is also super exciting”


Thank you Mike and Charis from the BU for the photos of the evening!

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