Mission Day 2022

Reflecting on Hui 2023's Mission Day at Bethlehem Baptist with Arotahi. Prayer stations and art installations, global stories, and dreaming of the future together!

It’s been a week since we got back from National Hui at Beth­le­hem Baptist! And we miss you all already. There’s so many things we could say about our time together, but we’ll let some of our photos do the speaking.

Mission Day was of course a high­light, with an incred­i­ble turnout of global workers (current and alumni) and leaders from around Aotearoa. We heard from Cindy, Joel & Lizzie, Paul & Sarah, Ryan & Sophie, Carol, John & Helen, and Samuel — we were inspired and chal­lenged by the mis­sional prac­tice they engage with in their unique con­texts. The prayer sta­tions, created by artists Pete & Joyce, offered a way to engage in the new way that God’s mission is unfold­ing in the world. We are so thank­ful for the cre­ativ­ity they bring to Arotahi! We prayed together, ate together (the cheese balls!), laughed together, shared stories, chal­lenges, suc­cesses and reflec­tions together. And perhaps most excit­ingly, we looked joy­fully to the future together. United by our faith.


  1. Andrew Page

    Do you have a recipe for those cheese balls?

    • Kelly Enright

      We do! Email­ing you now. Very impor­tant info 🙂

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