Craig Greenfield “Subversive Mission”

For many, missions is the story of heroes, martyrs, and the advance of the gospel. For others, it's the story of colonialism and missionary disasters. So how do we respond to God's call to go into all the world, faithfully and wisely, in the post-COVID era?


Subversive mission is submission—to God and local leaders. Subversive mission offers a new way forward for outsiders called to cross-cultural ministry by serving as humble alongsiders.

Join Craig Greenfield on this inspiring journey in Asia and beyond as he rediscovers the fivefold missional gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher, and demonstrates how each of these must look radically different in a cross-cultural context.

Along the way, you’ll discover your own missional type through the Missional Type Inventory and come face to face with the five most common pitfalls that Westerners face in cross-cultural settings.

By the end of this story, you’ll be inspired by a radically different way of working for change in the world. Come alongside. And join God in what he is already doing.

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