We have overseas donor status!

Arotahi can now offer charitable receipts on most qualifying donations! Check out how to take advantage and get a 33% tax rebate.

We have super excit­ing news that has been a few years in the making — we have been granted over­seas donor status! 

This means that we can now give you, our won­der­ful donors, a char­i­ta­ble tax receipt on many of your dona­tions to our Arotahi work, enabling you to claim a 33% tax rebate on all of your dona­tions (up to your taxable income). Ka rawe!

We are super excited about this new status, as it is some­thing we haven’t been able to offer before! Another epic advan­tage of this new status is that if you vol­un­teer over­seas during this time, the inter­est free period on your loan can be extended. So many benefits!

Start donat­ing now! 

Because we are involved in many dif­fer­ent types of work, glob­ally and locally, not all of our work is eli­gi­ble for tax rebates. Because of this, we have set up 3 sep­a­rate bank accounts for the dif­fer­ent types of work we are involved in. This was a neces­sity for receiv­ing over­seas donor status.

This means that if you redi­rect the bank account your dona­tion (if qual­i­fy­ing for tax rebate) is being sent to, then you will receive a char­i­ta­ble receipt from us (in April 2024) that will enable you to receive a tax credit. Although this means a small bit of work in chang­ing bank details, we are delighted that this approved status will benefit you (the donor), us (Arotahi), and our over­seas com­mu­ni­ties and partners.

All qual­i­fy­ing dona­tions made between 1 April 2023 — 31 March 2024 are eli­gi­ble for a char­i­ta­ble tax receipt. If you redi­rect your payment cor­rectly, we will send you these at the end of the next finan­cial year (some­time in April 2024). If you leave your dona­tion as is and do not redi­rect, no worries at all,  your dona­tion will con­tinue to go where it has always been des­ig­nated and directed.

Thanks for being patient with us as we get in touch with each indi­vid­ual donor on how to take advan­tage of this new donor status. This will take us some time to ensure every­one is com­mu­ni­cated with correctly!

If you want to make the most of this new donor status, while invest­ing into life­long, global, hand—carved renewal, check out our giving options here!

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