We have overseas donor status!

Arotahi can now offer charitable receipts on most qualifying donations! Check out how to take advantage and get a 33% tax rebate.

We have super exciting news that has been a few years in the making – we have been granted overseas donor status! 

This means that we can now give you, our wonderful donors, a charitable tax receipt on many of your donations to our Arotahi work, enabling you to claim a 33% tax rebate on all of your donations (up to your taxable income). Ka rawe!

We are super excited about this new status, as it is something we haven’t been able to offer before! Another epic advantage of this new status is that if you volunteer overseas during this time, the interest free period on your loan can be extended. So many benefits!

Start donating now! 

Because we are involved in many different types of work, globally and locally, not all of our work is eligible for tax rebates. Because of this, we have set up 3 separate bank accounts for the different types of work we are involved in. This was a necessity for receiving overseas donor status.

This means that if you redirect the bank account your donation (if qualifying for tax rebate) is being sent to, then you will receive a charitable receipt from us (in April 2024) that will enable you to receive a tax credit. Although this means a small bit of work in changing bank details, we are delighted that this approved status will benefit you (the donor), us (Arotahi), and our overseas communities and partners.

All qualifying donations made between 1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024 are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. If you redirect your payment correctly, we will send you these at the end of the next financial year (sometime in April 2024). If you leave your donation as is and do not redirect, no worries at all,  your donation will continue to go where it has always been designated and directed.

Thanks for being patient with us as we get in touch with each individual donor on how to take advantage of this new donor status. This will take us some time to ensure everyone is communicated with correctly!

If you want to make the most of this new donor status, while investing into lifelong, global, hand—carved renewal, check out our giving options here!

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